• FEB 25

Hey 4Bitten friends and fans!                          
Turning out to be another exciting year for the band
already. On July 20th we will be playing on  the
Total Metal Open Air Festival in Italy alongside with
Kreator, Annihilator, Behemoth, Moonspell and
many more great bands . It's going to be a VERY
heavy weekend and we are very excited that we
will be a part of it.
In the meantime, we are in the studio working on
our 3rd album. Our producer this time around is
John Mcris. Everything should be ready for a Fal
l release.... so, busy, busy, busy.
Keep it real everybody and we'll see you all on the
road soon!!

• AUG 24

A lot happening in 4Bitten's world everybody!
We are really proud to announce that on October 12
we will be in beautiful Thessaloniki to open the
show for Spiritual Beggars. On November 8th we
will be supporting Mr. Big frontman Eric Martin and
showing our 'acoustic' side... and as if that isn't
enough..... we will be joining the legendary voice
on stage for an encore of Mr. Big favorites!!!!!
On November we will once again be in Thessaloniki,
but this time with our friends Rock 'n' Roll Children
(the best Dio tribute band in Greece). And last but
definately not least, something that I think our
friends and fans would like to know the boys are
in the studio writing new material and they're having
a great time doing it!!!! We are all extremely happy
that 2013 continues to be a very exciting and amazing
year for 4Bitten..... especially after our European Tour
with UFO (it's not easy to compete with that). We are
looking forward to seeing you all out there!!

• APR 1

Hi Everyone

Now that our tour with UFO has come to an end, and
we are home... and have had a few days to look back
since it all went by SO fast....... we would like to thank
everyone who helped make this tour sooo special!
We would like to thank Andre and Eric (UFO technicians), Akim (UFO's sound engineer), Kate Moore, Tonio,
Mr. Phil Mogg, Vinnie Moore, Rob DeLuca, Andy Parker,
Paul Raymond,  and all the UFO fans who made us
feel so welcome, night after night!! We hope to see
you ALL again very very soon!!! These 38 days on the
road will always be in our hearts and in our memories. 

Thank you!!!!! 
Keep it real! 

Fofi, George, Angelo, and Akis 

• FEB 2

Ready to hit UK and Europe with the mighty UFO......21st February the first show in Bath,UK. Check out also our new merch available on the tour....C U ALL!!!.

• JAN 31

4Bitten confirmed for SOS Festival in Manchester UK on July...

• DEC 22

Athens show confirmed @ AN CLUB on February 13th 2013...This will be our only show in Greece right before we hit the road with UFO!!!

• SEPT 27

4Bitten will be the main support band for the
legendary UFO on their UK/EUROPEAN TOUR
in February-March 2013.

• SEPT 7

4Bitten will take part in the upcoming WARLORD
Tribute Album by Metal Breed Records USA ..........
Join the Warlord Battle Choir at:
and found more about this tribute as well info on
the upcoming Warlord European Tour and album!
\m/ \m/

• JULY 3

4Bitten band of the month in I REVIEW ROCK Webzine
in UK....just follow the link win two copies of "DELIRIUM"
and read Fofi's review and more!!!!


• JUNE 25

4Bitten just been confirmed to support FIREWIND on
July 18th @ MYLOS OPEN AIR in Thessaloniki!!!

• JUNE 8

New 4Bitten Merch available from 123 Merch store
just follow the link:

• JUNE 1

Magx... the premiere music magazine in South Texas,
USA, will be doing a feature on 4Bitten! The issue will
be out the first week of June!!!!!!!!!!!

• MAY 15

4Bitten will be having their only Athens show on
June 10th at Intrepid Fox in Gazi. It will be in light of the release of their second album 'Delirium' where the
band will be performing live the songs off of the cd.
The band is currently preparing a fall European tour
so don't miss it!


• MAY 06

Amazing review for "DELIRIUM" from ROCKS magazine
-May 2012 issue- in Germany and news for the 
European Fall Tour......

• APR 23

4Bitten confirmed for the WIZZ FESTIVAL in Aalter
Belgium in March 2013...more details comin' soon!

• APR 20

The new Album "Delirium" will be released on
Monday Worldwide.

Tour Dates in Europe and UK will be announced

“…Unlike much modern metal that's designed to bang you over the
head, what makes this record work so well is its' ability to groove. The
songs have a swagger that wins you over..”  7/10  Powerplay magazine
issue 141, April 2012 UK

“…….this really is an album that should see the band rub shoulders
with the best that Hard Rock has to offer…”  8.5/10   Planetmosh

…Delirium is solid all around, and it's obvious that 4Bitten have the
swagger and the talent to really make a name for themselves….”
3/5 Sea of Tranquility UK

“….Abschließend ist zu sagen, dass 4BITTEN mit ihrem neuen
Longplayer „Delirium“ eine wahre Glanzleistung abgeliefert haben.
Hier zeigt sich, dass Hard Rock auch ganz fern von Reibeisenstimmen
funktionieren kann!”   Metal Inside  GER

“……4Bitten definitely have a talent for writing groovy and heavy
riffs, and they draw on this talent to the fullest on this album and
definitely belongs to the same category of bands as Adrenaline Mob
and Concrete Sun - bands that remind us that groove metal - if done
right - can be awesome and ass-kicking….” 4/5  Metal Music Archives

“…..Fofi Roussos ist mit ihrem harten Timbre nicht unbedingt das,
was man unter Femal Fronted Metal versteht, sondern kommt eher
wie eine Mischung aus Janis Joplin, Dale Krantz, Ann Wilson und
Eric Martin daher, überhaupt erinnern einige Passagen an HEART
oder MR. BIG, allerdings in zeitgemäßer Verpackung….”
Hooked on Music GER

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